Diagnostic Codes & Claims Upload



We use the diagnostic codes from MOH (which is not 100% aligned with the ICD

It does not have the codes you have indicated, so you will need to find an
alternative based on that list.

You can submit your claims right away... we upload your claims as a batch daily.

Hope this helps.


On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 9:11 PM, L <> wrote:

> Hey  
> Just started doing my first batch of billing and have run into some trouble
> - there are diagnostic codes missing. I'm trying to put in the code 548
> which is screening colonoscopy, but it tells me no such code. Can't find a
> way to enter new codes, and watched the videos with no info on it. Do you
> have to add them or am I missing something? I use that one a lot, as well as
> 545 (positive fecal occult blood), 546 (colon surveillance), and 547 (family
> history of colon cancer).
> Also had a more basic question about saving vs submitting. Do I save all my
> claims until around the deadline and then submit, or do I submit each claim
> as I go? If I do that, does that generate a batch acknowledgement file for
> each claim, or will the program submit them all at once sometime close to
> the deadline for that month? Thanks, and sorry about all the questions!

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