Resubmission of Stale Dated Rejected Claim


Resubmission of a previously rejected claim that is now stale dated

IMPORTANT: Effective April 1, 2023, the claims submission period for OHIP fee-for-service insured and related services is adjusted from six months to three months from the date a service is rendered in Ontario. This applies to the services rendered on or after April 1, 2023.

MOH Bulletin 231001 - October 5, 2023.

Claims submitted to the MOH within the three month deadline but that have been returned rejected and will be stale dated on date of resubmission will need to be resubmitted through the stale dated process. 

1. Send an email to including a file with the following:

  • Six-digit OHIP billing number and/or four-digit group number if applicable.
  • A list of outstanding claims being resubmitted.
  • Confirmation that the stale-dated claim file has been uploaded. (MOH Batch number). To find the batch number, please log into your web account and look under the "LOOKUP CLAIMS" (screenshot below).
    Ministry of Health batch number
  • Corresponding Error Reports for all claims being resubmitted for stale date processing. To download the error report go to Welcome --> EDT then under Download Files select File type Error.

2. Correct all errors and resubmit the claim(s) by selecting: “I have obtained MOH approval to submit this claim as stale dated”.

The system will visually mark on the claims page that the record is stale dated.

Note: Please make sure a batch number is received after 3 days of submission. Otherwise, contact the Ministry to confirm if the claim is received. 

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