Same Patient and Same Code Regular Billings


How to bill the same patient and code


I was wondering for patients that are seen regularly with the same OHIP codes, diagnosis and units of time for i.e. K198, is there a way to save these so that it is faster to submit a subsequent claim on another day or month for the patient. I don’t know where to find this on the website if its something that can be done.



There are two options:

1) You can use the 'My Templates' feature to save the service codes, diagnostic code, and quantity as your template. We also have a video tutorial that guides you on how to add favourite codes and templates: - Advanced Time Saving Features

2) You can also use our spreadsheet template to just populate the patient's information, then copy and paste the claim information (service code, diagnostic code, and unit) to each patient. You can find a spreadsheet template by going to 'Import Clams' -> Click on the Excel icon (see screenshots below).

Import medical billing data into Downloading the billing template

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