OHIP Billing Tip #14 - Manage Users


How to Designate Different User Permissions with

The MANAGE USERS feature was built specifically for physicians who want to delegate their OHIP billing responsibilities to their staff. An invited user in acts as an employee to your account. You can set permissions for what your users can view and perform. Your invited users can: 

Note: Invited users can not use the mobile app. 

Common User Roles

For invited users, has four access roles:

  • FINANCIAL VIEWER - View claims, generate reports, and view/pay invoices. Cannot Save, Submit, or Delete claims. Note: Patient name and demographic information will show in the reports.
  • DATA ENTRY - Save, submit, or delete claims. Cannot generate reports, nor review invoices. This is useful when you want your staff to help you with your OHIP billing, but do not want them to view your finances.
  • ADMINISTRATOR - User with full access, but cannot invite others.
  • CUSTOM - Customize the features your users can view and perform depending on your practice requirements.

How to Invite Users and Manage Users

Navigate to the top right --> click on the gear icon --> Manage Users (see screenshot below).


From this page, you can revoke access, view pending account invitations, and re-send or cancel invitation emails. 

To invite a user, click on “INVITE USER"


The system will ask you to enter the email of your staff and create his/her username.  You can choose pre-defined roles, or customize the features your users can view and perform.


Note: Users can be designated by multiple physician accounts.  If the username/email already exists (another physician from has invited the user) we will prompt you to reuse the credentials.

Once you press "SEND INVITE", the invited user will receive an email to accept and set up his/her account with  

View and Edit Permissions

To view the permissions of a user, simply click on “EDIT” and you will be able to review the features that are showing/hidden for that particular user.

Revoke User Access

Physicians (account owners) can revoke access to users at any time. Simply click on the “REVOKE” button for a particular user to remove access to your account.


Troubleshoot a User Invite

If you've sent an invitation to add a user to your account but the email hasn't arrived in their inbox, there are a few things that could be going on. Here are a few common issues with email account invitations and some tips on how to troubleshoot.

  • The email address contained errors or was mistyped.
    Make sure you typed the correct address when you sent the invitation.
  • The email is still in transit.
    Depending on internet traffic and how busy the recipient's ISP is, it can take a couple of hours for emails to arrive. This is more likely to happen around holidays and peak sending times.
  • The email is getting trapped by spam filters.
    Ask the recipient to check their junk or spam folder to see if the activation email landed there. If it's not there, it may still be getting blocked at the server level. Resend to an alternate email address, or ask the recipient to talk to their server administrator.
  • The email is being blocked by a corporate firewall.
    Corporate email servers sometimes have firewalls, which block certain emails for security reasons and to prevent spam. See if your recipient has an alternate address that you could send to, or ask them to check with their server administrator to see if they need to get emails to be whitelisted.


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