How to Get an OHIP Billing Number


Steps to Take to Get Your OHIP Billing Number

Register with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to get your billing number. Below are the steps:
1. Complete and sign the Application for OHIP Billing Number for Health Professionals form Tip: 
Primary practice = where you currently work or plan to work the majority of your time. 
2. Attach a copy of a blank cheque with "VOID" written on it (to set up direct deposit)
3. Attach a copy of a valid Certificate of Registration with a governing body
Three ways to submit your application
  1. By email (best method): Scan originals and send by email:  ProviderRegistration.MOH@ontar Tip: You can use popular scanning apps on your smartphone to scan the documents. Popular free scanning apps you can use are Tinyscan or TurboScan.
  2. By fax to: 613-545-5848
  3. By mail:
    Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
    Claims Services Branch, Provider Registry Unit
    P.O. Box 68,  Kingston, ON K7L 5T3
It can take up to 6 weeks for your billing number to be issued. You will receive a letter from the MOHLTC confirming your registration, and an invitation to setup your MCEDT/Gosecure account.
Follow the instructions in the MCEDT/Gosecure invitation letter. 
Questions? feel free to contact us at:
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