TM6 - Virtual Care Program Registration Not in Effect on Service Date



The “TM6” error code will be issued and the entire claim will be rejected and returned on the physician’s/dentist’s error report if the service date of a virtual care claim is prior to the physician’s/dentist’s telemedicine registration effective date or after the physician’s/dentist’s Virtual Care Program registration end date.


If the date of service is incorrect, the physician/dentist should correct the date of service and resubmit the virtual care claim. If the date of service is correct, the physician/dentist should contact the Service Support
Contact Centre at: 1-800-262-6524 or to confirm the Virtual Care Program registration effective date and/or end date as applicable. The rejected claims can then be resubmitted when the Service Support Contact Centre has confirmed with the physician/dentist that the
telemedicine registration effective and/or end date has been amended.


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