EH4/EH5 - OHIP Number Not Valid on Date of Service


OHIP Error Code - EH4/EH5 - OHIP Number Not Valid on the Date of Service


EH1 / EH4 / EH5 / EPF / EP3 / VH1 / VH4/ VH9 indicates that the service has been billed on a service date for which the OHIP number was not valid.


In this case, review with the hospital for an updated patient record (version code).

If the hospital record has not changed (version code remains the same), ask the patient to contact Service Ontario to update their information with the Ministry and subsequently have their OHIP coverage reinstated. Once the patient’s OHIP is reinstated, you can resubmit the claim by updating the patient record.

Should the patient does not have their OHIP reinstated, you may opt to invoice the patient directly (i.e., private invoice).

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