EH6 - Patient deceased


OHIP Error Code - EH6 - Patient deceased


This code indicates the patient was pronounced/certified as deceased on or before your service date. If the service date is for after the date of death, the claim will not be paid. If need be, you can double-check the date of death with the health records department of the hospital or institution where the patient passed away.


Check that your service date is correct, if wrong, resubmit the claim with the correct date.

If you are billing for the same date the patient passed, you may need to resubmit the claim with Manual Review and fax your notes/reports to your Claims Assessor at the MOH to verify that you saw/treated the patient that day.

If you are billing for a service date during which the patient was alive, it is possible there has been a clerical error. The MOH will ‘cancel’ the patient’s health card for the date a physician bills a death pronouncement/death certification code. If this is the case, the Ministry of Health will need to correct the date in their system. You can call the MOH Contact Support Centre to initiate the correction process.

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