ET4 - Telemedicine premium/tracking code missing



A telemedicine service code was billed, but SLI not entered, or vice versa.  Telemedicine billings must include a Premium Fee Code and Service Location Indicator (SLI) code of ‘OTN’ to indicate that a consult was done through telemedicine.

Example Premium Fee Codes:

B100A – First Telemedicine Patient Encounter

B200A – Subsequent Telemedicine Patient Encounter

B101A – First Cancelled/Missed Telemedicine Patient Encounter

B201A - Subsequent Cancelled/Missed Telemedicine Patient Encounter


B102A – First Technical Difficulties Abandoned Patient Encounter

B202A  – Subsequent Technical Difficulties Abandoned Patient Encounter


Enable the Service Location Indicator under MY PREFERENCES:

If billing Telemedicine, double check that both a fee code was entered and the ‘OTN’ SLI was selected.  Resubmit the claim once both have been correctly added.  The SLI can be selected in a claim, by clicking on the ‘Service Location’ entry box and selecting ‘OTN’ from the drop down.


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