R02/R03 - Reciprocal medical billing error


R02 and R03 are error codes used for claims that are part of the Reciprocal Medical Billing program (RMB), which is for patients who are residents in another province, excluding Quebec.

RO2 – Invalid HSN


This is the rejection code received when health card number provided (for an RMB patient) is not a valid number.


You will need to confirm the correct card number and update the patient record. Once done, the claim can be submitted.

R03 – Province code missing; Not a valid province code

Background: The correct province code must be identified in an RMB patient record. To receive an R03 rejection means that the two letter province code used is either incorrect or not included.


Update the patient record with the correct two letter province code. Once done, you can resubmit the claim.

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