Entering and Submitting WSIB Claims

WSIB claims can be entered and submitted using our software.
First, create the WSIB patient profile in our software, select 'WCB' for the Payment Program and enter the WSIB number in the health card number field (or health card number if you do not have the WSIB number).
You can then create a claim using this WSIB patient profile and the claim will be automatically submitted to WSIB.
Note: If submitting both OHIP and WSIB claims for the same patient, you can create a new patient profile for the patient's WSIB claim(s), so that the patient will have two profiles - one for OHIP claims and one for WSIB claims.

You may find our video tutorial (found under the Help button) helpful:

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    The program won’t let me create two profiles, it says “this patient already exists”

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