VJ7/VJ8 - Stale dated claim


OHIP Error Code - VJ7/VJ8 - Stale dated claim


A claim is stale-dated (service date is greater than 6 months). All claims must be submitted to the Ministry of Health within 6 months of service date. 


  1. If the date is incorrect, update the date and resubmit the claim.
  2. If the service date is correct, the physician must send an explanation in writing for the delay in submitting past the deadline. Contact your claim assessor to determine who to send a letter to and what is the type of acceptable circumstances that the Ministry of Health would consider. Once documentation has been sent and you have the approval to submit the claim, save/resubmit the claim with manual review.

OHIP manual review checkbox

Please read our support page on stale-dated OHIP claims for more information.


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