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How to make medical billing more efficient when rounding on patients

The My Patient List feature was designed to facilitate billing when rounding on patients, or whenever you follow a patient over a period of time. It works similar to a “checklist” of patients that you need to bill for a specific location and date.



Besides manually adding patients to your patient list, you can also upload the patient list exported from the hospital system.

Here are the steps:

  1.  Within the My Patient List platform, Select Upload Patient List at the top menu
  2.  Select Manage Spreadsheet Templates, then select Create New Template
  3.  Select Upload File, then upload your patient list in MS Excel format 
  4.  Map each column based on the data in your spreadsheet and name your template, and then click Save


       5. To upload your patient list, select Upload Patient List again
       6. Select the file type = the template you just created
       7. Choose your patient list file and click Upload

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