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GoSecure / MCEDT setup (designation process)

Important: If you have provided us with your Go Secure / MCEDT credentials in our portal (Go to <Welcome> -> EDT -> Setup) , you can skip the following steps as we will perform the setup for you. 



Here is the designation instruction video tutorial created by the MoH: Designation Instructions (Step 3 will be completed by

Step 1: Navigate to the GoSecure / MCEDT portal and log into your account. Select “Designee Maintenance (Add, Remove, Update)” -> Add Designees

 Select designees ===>    Designee selection box

Step 2: Enter information -> Save -> Confirm

Full Name: MDBillingCA EDT

Email: (or an alternative email address provided by us)

Step 3: Wait for to confirm we have accepted your designation.

Step 4: Login to GoSecure / MCEDT portal again. Click on Designee Maintenance -> (or an alternative email address provided by us) -> MC EDT Service Upload/Download


Select All ->  Save and confirm

Granting designee permission

Confirm with staff the above steps (grant permissions) have been completed. You will be contacted again to confirm your EDT account has been set up successfully.

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    Hello , I have Go secure # with my email but I forgot my PW.Could you please send me the insteuction how to reset my pW.

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    or can you setup the go secure for me and provide the information

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