GoSecure/ MCEDT setup (designation process)


Important: If you have provided us your Gosecure / MCEDT credentials in our portal, you do NOT have to perform these steps. We will perform the setup for you. 


Step 1: Navigate to the GoSecure / MCEDT portal and log into your account


Step 2: Select “Designee Maintenance (Add, Remove, Update)” -> Add Designees



Step 3: Enter information -> Save -> Confirm

Full Name: MDBillingCA EDT



Step 4: Wait for to confirm we have accepted your designation.


Step 5: Login to GoSecure/ MCEDT portal again


Step 6: Designee Maintenance -> click on -> MC EDT Service Upload/Download



Step 7: Select All ->  Save and confirm


Step 8: Confirm with staff the above steps (grant permissions) has been completed.


Step 9: You will be contacted again to confirm your EDT account has been set up successfully.

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    Hello , I have Go secure # with my email but I forgot my PW.Could you please send me the insteuction how to reset my pW.

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    or can you setup the go secure for me and provide the information

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